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OceanLed is a premier brand in the marine industry, specializing in innovative underwater LED lighting solutions for yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit

With a steadfast commitment to quality, performance, and design, OceanLed has earned its reputation as a trusted partner for marine professionals seeking exceptional lighting products.

The extensive product range offered by OceanLed is designed to cater to diverse requirements, from underwater lights and interior illumination to exterior lighting and accessories. Among their most popular offerings are OceanLed’s underwater lights, which have become an industry standard for their exceptional brightness, durability, and energy efficiency in challenging marine environments.

OceanLed’s interior and exterior illumination solutions are meticulously crafted to provide yacht and superyacht owners with an unparalleled lighting experience. These advanced systems not only offer superior brightness and colour options but also enhance the overall ambience onboard, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

Another standout product from OceanLed is their range of accessories, including mounting options, cable systems, and control systems. Engineered to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, these accessories are essential for getting the most out of OceanLed’s lighting solutions.

Notably, OceanLed’s technical support and customer service are highly regarded in the industry. The company offers comprehensive training, education programs, and expert consultation services, ensuring that clients are well-equipped to make informed decisions and achieve the best possible results.

In the realm of yacht and superyacht maintenance and refit, OceanLed’s lighting solutions play a crucial role in elevating the aesthetic and functional aspects of these luxurious vessels. Examples of OceanLed’s marine applications include their underwater lights for enhancing the vessel’s exterior appearance and providing safety during nighttime navigation, interior and exterior illumination for creating a bespoke onboard atmosphere, and accessories for maximizing the performance of their lighting systems.

ptw Shipyard recognizes the importance of utilizing top-quality lighting solutions in the demanding marine industry and proudly offers OceanLed’s exceptional range to ensure that every yacht and superyacht project is completed to the highest standard. With a solid reputation for excellence and innovation, OceanLed’s offerings are integral to maintaining the superior performance and appearance of these magnificent vessels.

OceanLED offers a range of innovative and high-quality underwater LED lighting products for boats and yachts. Their product lineup is divided into different categories:

  1. Explore Series:
    • Explore E3: High-performance underwater LED light
    • Explore E6: Ultra-bright underwater LED light
  2. Xtreme Series:
    • Xtreme X4: Underwater LED light for smaller boats and yachts
    • Xtreme X8: Underwater LED light for medium-sized boats and yachts
    • Xtreme X16: Underwater LED light for larger boats and yachts
  3. Pro Series:
    • Pro A3: Underwater LED light with an advanced optical system
    • Pro A6: High-performance underwater LED light
  4. Allure Series:
    • Allure XFM: Flush mount underwater LED light
    • Allure XFM HD: High-definition underwater LED light
  5. Sport Series:
    • Sport S3116s: Underwater LED light for sport fishing and cruising
    • Sport S3124s: Dual-color underwater LED light
  6. Accessories:
    • DMX App Controller: Mobile app-based lighting control system
    • DMX Touch Panel Controller: Touch panel lighting control system
    • Colours App: Mobile app for controlling OceanLED lights

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