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Troubleshooting and Revitalizing a Jacuzzi on a 35m M/Y
We specialize in the refit and repair of superyachts. In this captivating video, we invite you to witness the remarkable transformation of a Jacuzzi on a 35-meter motor yacht (M/Y). Our skilled team of experts takes you through the intricate process of troubleshooting and revitalizing this luxurious amenity.
As we embarked on this ambitious project, our team of electricians and plumbing technicians encountered various challenges along the way. The Jacuzzi’s performance had been compromised due to electrical and plumbing issues that demanded our immediate attention.
Our diligent electricians began their meticulous inspection, uncovering a malfunction in the electrical circuit responsible for powering the Jacuzzi’s jets and lights. After careful diagnosis, they discovered a faulty connection that was promptly repaired. Additionally, the electromagnetic push buttons, which had worn out over time, were replaced, ensuring smooth operation and user-friendly control of the Jacuzzi’s features.
Simultaneously, our skilled plumbing technicians performed a comprehensive assessment of the Jacuzzi’s water circulation system. They identified a clogged filter and a minor leak in one of the pipes, both of which required immediate attention. The filter was replaced, restoring optimal water flow and maintaining the Jacuzzi’s performance. Our technicians also conducted essential maintenance and service on the water pump, guaranteeing its efficiency and reliability.
In our commitment to excellence, we seized the opportunity to enhance the Jacuzzi’s overall functionality and aesthetics. Our team installed a cutting-edge control panel, providing seamless adjustment of temperature, water jets, and lighting. This upgrade allows guests to tailor their Jacuzzi experience precisely to their preferences, adding an extra touch of luxury to their stay on board.
To elevate the Jacuzzi’s visual appeal, we replaced the worn-out and discolored tiles with exquisite mosaic tiles. The stunning new tiles transformed the Jacuzzi into an elegant centerpiece on the yacht’s deck, harmonizing with the vessel’s overall ambiance.
Throughout the revitalization process, our team’s dedication to excellence and attention to detail remained unwavering. We conducted rigorous testing on each component of the Jacuzzi, ensuring flawless operation and upholding our stringent quality standards.
Join us on this captivating journey as we showcase the remarkable transformation of a tired and problematic Jacuzzi into a fully functional and visually stunning masterpiece. Witness firsthand the expertise and passion that define PTW Shipyard’s commitment to excellence in yacht refit and repair.
Experience the seamless combination of technical expertise, creativity, and unwavering dedication that sets PTW Shipyard apart. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of the revitalized Jacuzzi, marking yet another successful project in our quest to provide unparalleled luxury experiences for yacht owners and their fortunate guests.

Common Troubleshooting Problems:
Faulty electrical connections
Malfunctioning push buttons
Clogged filters
Leaking pipes
Water pump maintenance
Inconsistent water flow
Temperature control issues
Faulty lighting system
Poor water jet performance
Damaged or worn-out components

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